What We Do

The Capital Investment Network offers a platform for the investment community to:

  • Improve access to investment opportunities, education, and expertise,
  • Connect with peers; and
  • Facilitate the flow of capital to great businesses.
We are committed to mobilizing the local investment community to enable the highest investment standards and to raise the bar for local investing.

We are not a fund, nor are we looking to benefit from the sale of any investment products. The Capital Investment Network is not intended to supplant the numerous small local investment groups that exist; rather, it is meant to complement these groups by acting as a medium for fostering connections with other investment groups and like-minded individuals as well as improving access to more resources and opportunities to strengthen the investment community as a whole.

Who We Serve

The Capital Investment Network invites private investors to connect over common interests, share our expertise, learn from our peers, and amplify investment opportunities.

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Connect with great minds.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. ~ Henry Ford

Collectively our community of investors possesses a wealth of resources, knowledge, and opportunities. By joining forces under the Capital Investment Network, we gain access to a host of benefits.

  • Be privy to an efficient knowledge exchange of cutting-edge ideas, technologies and emerging markets
  • Hear first about new investment opportunities from a range of sectors (healthcare, e-commerce, energy and more);
  • Network with a diverse peer group of successful entrepreneurs, investors (venture capitalists, angels, fund leaders, and more), professionals and executives;
  • Share expertise and resources (legal, finance, and more) to more effectively and efficiently evaluate and monitor investments;
  • Gain access to seminars, webcasts, private fund presentations, publications, etc. focused on the latest developments in investing;
  • Pursue opportunities to pool capital while diversifying to reduce investment losses;
  • Collaborate with other investment groups across Canada and beyond;
  • Position our region as a hotbed of sophisticated investing and business innovation.




Contact Us

Peter Elkins, CEO & Co-Founder
peter@capitalinvestmentnetwork.ca 778.966.1250

Stephanie Andrew, President & Co-Founder